DME Data

Market Data

To access DME’s real-time, delayed and end-of-day Market Data , kindly contact your market data vendor or Independent Software Vendor (ISV). Alternatively, you can also contact CME Market Data team directly

Derived Data

DME offers licensing opportunities to leverage DME Oman Crude Oil Futures Contract derived data. This helps customers create Indexes, Exchange-Traded Products (ETFs, ETNs, ETCs, etc.), Contracts for Difference (CFDs), OTC products, Pre-Trade and Post-Trade Risk Management, References, Portfolio Management, Curves and Surfaces.
Interested parties can download and fill the SCOPE of USE and send it


DME Historical Data

The DME provides historical data for the current and previous two trading months via the FTP site link below. Files are available in ‘CSV’, ‘XML’ and ‘txt’ with files named standards as ‘dme.settle.YYYYMMDD’ 

For further historical data, or related information, kindly visit DMEs dedicated Datamine page here: DME landing page 
Alternatively, you can also email DME directly via ‘’, your market data vendor or Independent Software Vendor (ISV).


Trade date File
01-Sep-2020 View file
02-Sep-2020 View file
03-Sep-2020 View file
04-Sep-2020 View file
08-Sep-2020 View file
09-Sep-2020 View file
10-Sep-2020 View file
11-Sep-2020 View file
14-Sep-2020 View file
15-Sep-2020 View file
16-Sep-2020 View file
17-Sep-2020 View file
18-Sep-2020 View file
21-Sep-2020 View file
22-Sep-2020 View file
23-Sep-2020 View file
24-Sep-2020 View file
25-Sep-2020 View file
28-Sep-2020 View file
29-Sep-2020 View file