Futures Insights

Futures Insights is a series of analysis and discussion papers published on an occasional basis by DME. Futures Insights addresses topical issues and future developments in the Middle East and Asian energy markets. Comments by readers or suggestions for future studies are welcomed and can be sent to




1 - Oman Crude Oil & DME.

This paper provides an overview of DME and of how Oman crude oil is traded and delivered.


2 - Brent Oman Spread.

This paper reviews recent developments in the Brent and Oman markets and how they have affected and could affect in the future the spread between Brent and Oman futures.


3 - Sour Crude Derivatives.

This paper reviews the development of Middle East-Asian crude oil derivatives and provides a guide to market size, trends in liquidity and likely future developments.


4 - Trade and delivery data 2014

This paper provides a review of trading and delivery data for the Dubai Mercantile Exchange (DME) for 2014


5 - Review of trading and delivery data for the DME

This paper provides a review of trading and delivery data for the Dubai Mercantile Exchange (DME) for the first half of 2015


6 - Diversity the key to DME Oman oil contract success

This paper updates previous data published by the DME and highlights the diverse participation in trading of the Middle East’s primary benchmark crude oil.


7 - Review of the new expiry procedure by DME

This paper provides a review of the new expiry procedure introduced by DME on February 29, 2016


8 - Review of 2015 trading and delivery data

This paper is the latest update in the DME’s ongoing efforts to bring greater transparency to the Oman crude oil market, particularly with regard to the DME’s flagship Oman crude oil contract (OQD).


9 - Brent and Oman spread – Q1 2019


10 - DME OQD - 2019 Review 


11 - DME Oman -  Coronavirus wreaks havoc on Middle East oil markets final

12 - Oil price slump plunges markets into contango structure


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