Exchange Fees

Trading Fees
Trading fee structure for DME products is now available in excel
DME Membership Fees
Fees Applicable to All Members Fee
Annual Membership $12,000
Membership Application $7,500
Change in Control $500
Name Change $250
Membership Transfer Fee (between Related Parties only) Fee 
Clearing Membership Transfer $5,000                 
Equity Membership Transfer $2,500

Liquidity Incentive Schemes

DME currently offers various Liquidity Incentive Schemes for OQD products. Some of the schemes are designed for market makers, trading firms and brokers.  These schemes are available for onscreen trades and block execution for approved participants and may involve quoting and/or minimum volume requirement depending on the terms of the applicable scheme. Potential customers can apply for our schemes and for more information on the eligibility and application process by contacting DME Sales team.

Participants in these schemes are subject to due diligence to ensure that the company has sufficient good repute, adequate competencies and organizational arrangements. The participants must agree in writing to comply with the Business Rules of the Exchange, to the extent these are applicable to the activities performed. Upon successful due diligence process, approved Participants are bound to the Exchange contractually. The Exchange implements these Liquidity Incentive Schemes in order to ensure a fair and orderly market.