Expiration Schedule

Expiration Schedule : OQD

DME Oman Crude Oil Futures Contract Trade Dates

Contract Month* Last Trading Date Settlement Date Last Delivery Date First Delivery Date
OQD FUT December 2016 31-Oct-16 31-Oct-16 31-Dec-16 01-Dec-16
OQD FUT January 2017 30-Nov-16 30-Nov-16 31-Jan-17 01-Jan-17
OQD FUT February 2017 30-Dec-16 30-Dec-16 28-Feb-17 01-Feb-17
OQD FUT March 2017 31-Jan-17 31-Jan-17 31-Mar-17 01-Mar-17
OQD FUT April 2017 28-Feb-17 28-Feb-17 30-Apr-17 01-Apr-17
OQD FUT May 2017 31-Mar-17 31-Mar-17 31-May-17 01-May-17
OQD FUT June 2017 28-Apr-17 28-Apr-17 30-Jun-17 01-Jun-17
OQD FUT July 2017 31-May-17 31-May-17 31-Jul-17 01-Jul-17
OQD FUT August 2017 30-Jun-17 30-Jun-17 31-Aug-17 01-Aug-17
OQD FUT September 2017 31-Jul-17 31-Jul-17 30-Sep-17 01-Sep-17
OQD FUT October 2017 31-Aug-17 31-Aug-17 31-Oct-17 01-Oct-17
OQD FUT November 2017 29-Sep-17 29-Sep-17 30-Nov-17 01-Nov-17
OQD FUT December 2017 31-Oct-17 31-Oct-17 31-Dec-17 01-Dec-17
OQD FUT January 2018 30-Nov-17 30-Nov-17 31-Jan-18 01-Jan-18
OQD FUT February 2018 29-Dec-17 29-Dec-17 28-Feb-18 01-Feb-18
OQD FUT March 2018 31-Jan-18 31-Jan-18 31-Mar-18 01-Mar-18
OQD FUT April 2018 28-Feb-18 28-Feb-18 30-Apr-18 01-Apr-18
OQD FUT May 2018 29-Mar-18 29-Mar-18 31-May-18 01-May-18
OQD FUT June 2018 30-Apr-18 30-Apr-18 30-Jun-18 01-Jun-18
OQD FUT July 2018 31-May-18 31-May-18 31-Jul-18 01-Jul-18
OQD FUT August 2018 29-Jun-18 29-Jun-18 31-Aug-18 01-Aug-18
OQD FUT September 2018 31-Jul-18 31-Jul-18 30-Sep-18 01-Sep-18
OQD FUT October 2018 31-Aug-18 31-Aug-18 31-Oct-18 01-Oct-18
OQD FUT November 2018 28-Sep-18 28-Sep-18 30-Nov-18 01-Nov-18
OQD FUT December 2018 31-Oct-18 31-Oct-18 31-Dec-18 01-Dec-18
OQD FUT January 2019 30-Nov-18 30-Nov-18 31-Jan-19 01-Jan-19
OQD FUT February 2019 31-Dec-18 31-Dec-18 28-Feb-19 01-Feb-19
OQD FUT March 2019 31-Jan-19 31-Jan-19 31-Mar-19 01-Mar-19
OQD FUT April 2019 28-Feb-19 28-Feb-19 30-Apr-19 01-Apr-19
OQD FUT May 2019 29-Mar-19 29-Mar-19 31-May-19 01-May-19
OQD FUT June 2019 30-Apr-19 30-Apr-19 30-Jun-19 01-Jun-19
OQD FUT July 2019 31-May-19 31-May-19 31-Jul-19 01-Jul-19
OQD FUT August 2019 28-Jun-19 28-Jun-19 31-Aug-19 01-Aug-19
OQD FUT September 2019 31-Jul-19 31-Jul-19 30-Sep-19 01-Sep-19
OQD FUT October 2019 30-Aug-19 30-Aug-19 31-Oct-19 01-Oct-19
OQD FUT November 2019 30-Sep-19 30-Sep-19 30-Nov-19 01-Nov-19
OQD FUT December 2019 31-Oct-19 31-Oct-19 31-Dec-19 01-Dec-19
OQD FUT January 2020 29-Nov-19 29-Nov-19 31-Jan-20 01-Jan-20
OQD FUT February 2020 31-Dec-19 31-Dec-19 29-Feb-20 01-Feb-20
OQD FUT March 2020 31-Jan-20 31-Jan-20 31-Mar-20 01-Mar-20
OQD FUT April 2020 28-Feb-20 28-Feb-20 30-Apr-20 01-Apr-20
OQD FUT May 2020 31-Mar-20 31-Mar-20 31-May-20 01-May-20
OQD FUT June 2020 30-Apr-20 30-Apr-20 30-Jun-20 01-Jun-20
OQD FUT July 2020 29-May-20 29-May-20 31-Jul-20 01-Jul-20
OQD FUT August 2020 30-Jun-20 30-Jun-20 31-Aug-20 01-Aug-20
OQD FUT September 2020 31-Jul-20 31-Jul-20 30-Sep-20 01-Sep-20
OQD FUT October 2020 31-Aug-20 31-Aug-20 31-Aug-20 01-Oct-20
OQD FUT November 2020 30-Sep-20 30-Sep-20 30-Nov-20 01-Nov-20
OQD FUT December 2020 30-Oct-20 30-Oct-20 31-Dec-20 01-Dec-20
OQD FUT January 2021 30-Nov-20 30-Nov-20 31-Jan-21 01-Jan-21
OQD FUT February 2021 31-Dec-20 31-Dec-20 28-Feb-21 01-Feb-21
OQD FUT March 2021 29-Jan-21 29-Jan-21 31-Mar-21 01-Mar-21
OQD FUT April 2021 26-Feb-21 26-Feb-21 30-Apr-21 01-Apr-21
OQD FUT May 2021 31-Mar-21 31-Mar-21 31-May-21 01-May-21
OQD FUT June 2021 30-Apr-21 30-Apr-21 30-Jun-21 01-Jun-21
OQD FUT July 2021 28-May-21 28-May-21 31-Jul-21 01-Jul-21
OQD FUT August 2021 30-Jun-21 30-Jun-21 31-Aug-21 01-Aug-21
OQD FUT September 2021 30-Jul-21 30-Jul-21 30-Sep-21 01-Sep-21
OQD FUT October 2021 31-Aug-21 31-Aug-21 31-Oct-21 01-Oct-21
OQD FUT November 2021 30-Sep-21 30-Sep-21 30-Nov-21 01-Nov-21
OQD FUT December 2021 29-Oct-21 29-Oct-21 31-Dec-21 01-Dec-21
OQD FUT January 2022 30-Nov-21 30-Nov-21 31-Jan-22 01-Jan-22
OQD FUT February 2021 30-Dec-21 30-Dec-21 28-Feb-22 01-Feb-22
OQD FUT March 2022 31-Jan-22 31-Jan-22 31-Mar-22 01-Mar-22
OQD FUT April 2022 28-Feb-22 28-Feb-22 30-Apr-22 01-Apr-22
OQD FUT May 2022 31-Mar-22 31-Mar-22 31-May-22 01-May-22
OQD FUT June 2022 29-Apr-22 29-Apr-22 30-Jun-22 01-Jun-22
OQD FUT July 2022 31-May-22 31-May-22 31-Jul-22 01-Jul-22
OQD FUT August  2022 30-Jun-22 30-Jun-22 31-Aug-22 01-Aug-22
OQD FUT September 2022 29-Jul-22 29-Jul-22 30-Sep-22 01-Sep-22
OQD FUT October 2022 31-Aug-22 31-Aug-22 31-Oct-22 01-Oct-22
OQD FUT November 2022 30-Sep-22 30-Sep-22 30-Nov-22 01-Nov-22
OQD FUT December 2022 31-Oct-22 31-Oct-22 31-Dec-22 01-Dec-22

* The listed contract termination dates until Dec 2022 are consistent with US clearing holidays. Dates are subject to change from time to time, as determined by the Exchange.