Trading DME Contracts

Exchange Fees

Trading Fees
Trading fee structure for DME products is now available in excel
DME Membership Fees
Fees Applicable to All Members Fee
Annual Membership $12,000
Membership Application $7,500
Change in Control $500
Name Change $250
Membership Transfer Fee (between Related Parties only) Fee 
Clearing Membership Transfer $5,000                 
Equity Membership Transfer $2,500

Market Makers

A Market Maker is a company whose business is primarily restricted to the trading of derivative products for non-hedging purposes, solely for its own accounts. Trading by Market Makers cannot be for the benefit of third parties.
DME believes that the presence of Market Makers can significantly improve price discovery, liquidity and market integrity and plays an important role in the development of markets. Accordingly, DME has established a Market Maker Program, through which Market Makers agree to make a market in one or more futures and/or options contract by being ready, willing and able to provide bids and offers to other market participants in accordance with the terms of the Market Maker Program. Market Makers may be entitled to receive incentives from DME under the program, which may include reduced or no trading fees, rebates and/or other value.
Parties interested in joining the DME Market Maker Program should contact James Lear at or +971 4 365 5518.